Jan 27, 2016

Giraffes, Fish, and Blog Building

Even after having this blog for 8+ years, there is still so much to learn about blogging...

The latest I've learned is that I should be (have been) building my email list.
So I set up that using Mail Chimp. Done.

Then I learned that offering opt-in "freebies", to include with subscription sign-ups, is a good thing.

So I made a digital drawing with photoshop, and have setup my subscription sign-up process to include it as a "freebie" for you for subscribing!
Your download will be a hi-res, 8.5" x 11" file.

Sign up by clicking the button on the sidebar, and you can download a hi-res file of the drawing for printing out and coloring. (It's actually a zip file, and includes a pdf and a jpg version).
From what I've seen, coloring is "in" again, for kids AND grown-ups!

Drawing is my first love, and I really enjoyed creating this piece. 
I'm planning on doing more, maybe a "page of the month", or something. 
Perhaps a whole book, eventually!

By the way, I promise not to spam your inbox! I'll only send out a promotion here and there, or sneak peeks to upcoming projects, maybe once a month. 
Next thing on the "to learn" list: creating a newsletter!

Anyway, enjoy!


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