Apr 11, 2014

Little Canvases

I've always tended to keep any thing that might possibly be used for crafting or arting. Especially paper.  I have hoarded all sorts of scrapbook papers and junk mail flyers over the last few years.
    Today I finally used up almost the entire stash making blank art card bases. This is actually what I'd been saving all the paper for. However, I like to be able to put together many cards at once, and it's time consuming that way, so it's not very often I get a day like today to be able to do it.
    After a few hours of spray-glueing, measuring, and trimming, I've got a nice stack of art card "canvases", ready to fill with...who knows?

LOTS of trimming!

    Some are still a little too thin; they'll need at least one more layer of stiff paper glued on. I will also glue a layer of scrap magazine paper (from the previously mentioned paper horde) to the backs: it makes a nice, subtly patterned surface for signing and dating.

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